Sure Shot Dobermans
We hope you like our girls as much as we do. We have hand selected each one to ensure the best temperaments possible. Please check our puppies’ page to see which one of these lovely ladies will be delivering soon.
Caliber is by far the sweetest Doberman you will ever meet.  She is a super quiet girl who loves her laid back life.  When it is time for treats she will let all the other Dobes struggle to be the first in line while she sits down and waits.  She looks me straight in the eye and sits perfectly still as if to say "Please pick me".  And of course she always get the first treat while I am waiting for all the others to sit.  
Remy at 8 weeks
Remy is a beautiful girl.  She is a very intelligent and is also very obedient.  She thrives on making us happy and would rather be seating beside me then doing anything else in the world.  She listens to everything we say and most of the time I think she knows what I am going to say before I do.
Daisy is not only gorgeous but she is one of the most loyal dogs we have ever owned.  She has a very loving temperament and is a very easy going girl who never gets upset with anyone.  She is an excellent mother who loves her babies dearly.
Magnum is one of our larger girls.  She is very intelligent and extremely driven.  She loves to learn new things and thrives on interacting with people.  She is not only Beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.
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