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Questions To Ask Yourself before Getting A Dog

A dog quickly becomes a family member and as such it must be able to fit in with the family’s lifestyle. If it is the wrong breed of dog, brought home for the wrong reason, and/or one that fails to meet your expectations, then instead of the animal becoming a beloved member of the family, it could become a burden and an outcast. With careful consideration about the needs and requirements of different breeds and thought as to how this pertains to your own lifestyle, the end result will be four-legged loving companion that will bring you much joy and happiness for years to come.

There are 147 different AKC recognized breeds of dogs. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some breeds have long hair, others are short-haired; some need lots of room to run, others just a small yard; some require laps to sit in, others are more independent. Before bringing a dog home to become a part of your family, you should ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers. Then seek a dog that best meets your responses.
When considering a dog....

1.Do you know how big it will grow?
2.Do you have enough room, both inside and outside, to meet its exercise needs?
3.Do you know how active it will be?
4.Will its temperament and personality fit your own?
5.Will it constantly need attention?
6.Do you have the time to train the puppy?
7.Is it easy to housebreak?
8.Can you afford the necessary vaccinations and visits to the veterinarian?

Only bring a dog into your life, if you want...
-a companion who asks no questions, makes no judgments
       -someone who loves you regardless of who you are, what you do or how much money you have in the bank
-to come home to a presence that immediately fills the room with love and devotion
When you walk through the door
-to live a life that is mindful while being minded, loving while being loved, and
-caring while being cared for

In short, dogs are man’s best friends and most faithful companions, but they do bring with them responsibilities and obligations that must be considered by anyone thinking about getting a dog.

Good luck on your search, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.                   
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Sure Shot Dobermans
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